Universal Peel by Krulig® SM Created by Dr. Eduardo Krulig in 1985, is a peeling in two phases, liquid and cream. It is versatile and safe for the patient and the doctor. It is a peeling composed of multiple active components.

Laboratorios Krulig is the manufacturer of this modern peeling, with latest technology, and a stable standardized formula, achieving a product with a high level of effectiveness and safety.

Suitable for all skin types from I to VI Fitzpatrick.
It is a non-toxic peeling.
It does not require cardiac monitoring or surgical environment.

 Depths of the Universal Peel by Krulig® SM:
  • Application of 1 day: Superficial Peeling.
  • Application of 2 days: Medium Peeling.
  • Application of 3 days: Medium Peel – Deep.

The Universal Peel by Krulig® SM does not produce skin liquefaction. It does not contain croton oil in its formula. Flaking occurs in defined layers, allowing the early appearance of new skin, smooth, bright, fresh.

  • Facial Aging – Wrinkles and fine stockings
  • Pigmentary disorders – Melasma (associated with treatment Amelan® by Krulig)
  • Actinic keratoses and lentigines
  • Senile hyperkeratosis and solar
  • Acute acne
  • Acne Scars
  • Scaly Ichthyosis and Psoriasis
  • Keratosis pillaris
Regions of the body:
  • Face.
  • Back of hands and forearms.
  • Anterior chest and back.
  • Shoulders.




Suitable for all phototypes.


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